My work focuses on the sensation and the psychological effect of color, texture, light and space. It explores questions of presence and absence; notions of spatiality, as well as the physicality of human relations to space, this being primarily landscape, although including architecture. I am a language learner. I translate photography into painting and paintings into installations. An idea for a piece often starts from a potential title, a pun or random words I hear from people around me. My work is also the result of paying attention to the formal qualities of my surroundings and windows are often visualized as light boxes, used for transparent prints to be back lit by the sun.

        Although my visual language contains the accents of artists like Alex Katz, David Hockney, Gerard Richter and Turner, it is also influenced by the work of opera and theatre directors Laurent Pelly and Bob Crowley. Through simple switches, often using ready made materials, I transform empty and sterile spaces into unexpected stages for open narratives. Creating sensorial atmospheres, my work intends to be immersive and the audience is invited to participate in and reflect upon.